Sister Maria Antonie

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Elisabeth Geesink

(natural sister of Sister Maria Gerburg † and Sister Maria)

Maria Regina Province, Coesfeld/Germany

Date and Place of Birth:                 12 August 1935            Vreden, County Ahaus
Date and Place of Profession:      27 February 1957         Coesfeld
Date and Place of Death:              23 May 2019                 Coesfeld, Kloster Annenthal
Date and Place of Funeral:           29 May 2019                 Coesfeld, Convent cemetery

“My God, I am all yours”.

Elisabeth Geesink was the fourth child among eleven siblings. She was born in Gaxel near Vreden. She grew up in a home marked by faith. This became obvious by the vocations to consecrated life. One brother became a priest and two of her sisters, Sr. M. Gerburg, who passed away at Annenthal on 20th April 2018, and Sister Maria became members of our Congregation.

From 1941 – 1949, Elisabeth attended the catholic, basic elementary and secondary school in Vreden. Then she stayed at her parental home until 1954 to assist her mother with all the work in their big family. At that time, she often participated in cooking courses and sewing courses given by our sisters at Josefshaus. A close contact developed between them.

A growing desire arose in Elisabeth to consecrate her life to God and his service. So she asked for admission to the Congregation of the Sisters of Notre Dame in Coesfeld. On 6th May 1954, she started her religious formation.

After completing her religious formation, Sr. M. Antonie did domestic work at St. Michael’s in Ahlen/Westf. for one year. From 1958 on, she lived and worked in Rome for decades – at the generalate/motherhouse as well as at the Italian provincial center. That time was interrupted in 1978, when she attended classes at the college for home economics in Paderborn.

She prepared the meals for the sisters with loving care. Remembering her time in Rome, she said, “The sisters were always satisfied. I took good care of them.“ After busy and fulfilled years in Rome, Sr. M. Antonie returned to Coesfeld in 2005. In the course of time, Kloster Annenthal became her new home.

During the years of progressive Parkinson’s desease, she was happy and content. She loved to sing, often in Italian.

Our collaborators at the infirmary, the staff of the social services, and her co-sisters, especially Sr. Maria and her natural sister Christa faithfully accompanied her with loving care and competence. That is why Sr. M. Antonie experienced many moments of joy – and we with her.

Sister felt closely connected to her family. On the day of Sr. M. Gerburg’s funeral, we were all deeply touched and moved when she took leave of her by singing an Italian song in our chapel.

With the support of Sr. Maria, Sr. M. Antonie contributed to the celebration of the golden wedding anniversary of her sister Christa and her brother-in-law Erwin in a special way. After the Eucharist, she offered the special couple a red rose from Rome and sang the hymn of creation by Francis of Assisi in Italian while rose petals were floating down from the gallery. These impressive signs of nearness and affection will certainly have a lasting impact on the family.

For Sr. M. Antonie, a rich and fulfilled life has come to completion. She died consciously. Her last words were, “I am ready”. May she now be able to say in the joy of Easter, “My God, now I am all yours.”