Sister Maria Britta

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Monika Fortmann

Maria Regina Province, Coesfeld / Germany

Date and Place of Birth:   May 12, 1946  Lutten, County Vechta, Germany
Date and Place of Profession:    March 25, 1968    Vechta, Marienhain
Date and Place of Death:   January 19, 2014   Vechta, Marienhospital
Date and Place of Funeral:   January 25, 2014     Vechta, Marienhain, Convent Cemetery

Sr. M. Britta has asked us not to write a detailed account of her life. We respect her wish.

“The Lord is my light and my salvation“. Ps 27

Sister Maria Britta‘s life was marked by her belief that God is there for her and that his strong light accompanies her throughout her life. She spent her childhood and youth together with her 10 siblings in Lutten, County Vechta, in a deeply religious environment.

In 1965, Monika Fortmann entered our congregation in Vechta, Marienhain, and at her investment she received the name Sister Maria Britta. After her studies from 1974 – 1979, she became wholeheartedly committed to her teaching ministry at the Liebfrauenschule in Cloppenburg. For many years she organized with great joy leisure time activities for girls during the holidays. Many former students still talk about them with enthusiasm and much gratitude.

For several years, Sister M. Britta participated in the organization of retreat days for students at the Youth Center in Vechta. Her friendly and open ways made it easy for her to get into contact with the young people and their positive encounters with Sister M. Britta left their mark on them.

In 1992, she assumed the management of St. Antoniushaus in Vechta, a formation and retreat center owned by the diocese, and was committed to the needs of this institution with all her strength, energy and ever new ideas. She met each person in her cheerful, open-minded way and maintained a lot of close contacts.

Sister M. Britta‘s health was failing during the last weeks. On Tuesday, January 14, 2014, she was taken to the hospital in Vechta where she gave her life back into the hands of our good God on the evening of January 19, 2014. We believe that Jesus, her light and her salvation, has called her to himself and completed her life in his loving embrace.