Sister Maria Filomena

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Angiolina Di Lullo

Maria Regina Province, Coesfeld, Germany (Casa Pio X., Rome, Italy)

Date and Place of Birth:             June 11, 1930             Torricella Peligna, Chieti, ltaly
Date and Place of Profession:  August 16, 1951         Rome, ltaly
Date and Place of Death:           November 23, 2015   Rome, ltaly
Date and Place of Funeral:       November 24, 2015   Casa Pio X., Rome

“Come, spouse of Christ, and receive the crown which the Lord has prepared for you from all eternity”. (Vespers for a virgin)

Filomena“In the middle of the night the Lord has called you. You have been waiting for him, you have been ready with a burning lamp and also with a basket full of the fruit and the flowers which have grown in the garden of your life, namely the small and the great things that have filled every day of the 64 years of your religious life.“ (from the farewell address)

Angiolina di Lullo was the third of the nine children born to Nicola Di Lullo and Filomena Di Stefano. She went to school in Centrada Riga and in her free time she helped her mother with the housework. In 1939, the sisters in her parish prepared her for her first communion and they also awakened her desire to become one of them. The calm life in her family and in her home town was abruptly ended by the war events (occupation by the Germans and destruction of the family home). In 1945, they moved to Gessopalena to start a new life on the farm of their grandparents. In September 1945, Angiolina found a job with the sisters in Via Como 41 in Rome, where she stayed until 1948. Then she needed to return to her family to support her sick mother with the housework.

Her long stay with the sisters awakened again her wish to follow the Lord in a life according to the evangelical counsels. On August 15, 1949, the day of her investment, she received the name Sister Maria Filomena. Bishop Giuseppe Gori presided at the celebration of her profession on August 16, 1951.

In 1952, the many years of her service began first in the then provincial center in Rome and afterwards in the affiliations in Trevignano, Vicarello, Carpinone,Turin and Monteroduni. In each house she generously used all her gifts and talents at the service of others. She had a big heart and loved preparing surprises and making others happy. She was interested in everything and liked sharing her own experiences. It was in prayer where she found the strength for her daily work.

After a longer illness, she silently passed away in the first hour of November 23, giving her soul back into the hands of the Lord. We, the sisters, are grateful for her life, her devotion and her witness. With strength and courage she bore the trials in her life. We are sure that the Lord has prepared a good dwelling place for her in heaven where she can live in his eternal joy.