Sister Mary Rebeca

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Barbara Ann MOSER

Mary Immaculate Province, Toledo, Ohio, USA

Date and Place of Birth:              April 30, 1942           Defiance, Ohio
Date and Place of Profession:    August 13, 1962        Toledo, Ohio
Date and Place of Death:            October 4, 2019        Whitehouse, Ohio
Date and Place of Funeral:         October 8, 2019        Whitehouse, Ohio

“You are precious and honored in my sight, and I love you. I have called you by name.” Isaiah 43: 7

Times of suffering prepare us for eternal life. Throughout her life Sister Mary Rebeca experienced pain from injury and illness, yet exhibited gentleness and generosity. On October 4 Sister Mary Rebeca completed her earthly journey at the Sisters of Notre Dame Center in Whitehouse, Ohio.

Born in Defiance, Ohio, Barbara was the oldest of ten children of Louis and Rosemary (Singer) Moser. Throughout her life she strove to keep the family connected, initiating gatherings and remembering every birthday. She attended school at St. Michael’s Ridge where she was taught by the Sisters of Notre Dame. She became an Aspirant, attending Notre Dame Academy and entering the Sisters of Notre Dame in Toledo in February 1960 following in the footsteps of her two aunts Sister Mary Carmel and Sister Rose Maria. Likewise, her younger sister Mary Rose followed in her footsteps by entering Notre Dame in 1967.

Reading the Prologue of the Constitutions of the Sisters of Notre Dame a sister reflected, “This article sums up the life of Sister Rebeca.” Inserting Sister’s name it reads, “Centered in Jesus Christ, united as community in his love and in the spirit of Mary, Sister Rebeca shared a life of faith and joyful simplicity ready to take up her cross daily in love.” (Prologue, paragraph 3) In essence, this was Sister Rebeca.

Her philosophy was to “take each day as it comes.” And so she did. She loved being a school aide and as such she helped Sister Mary Corneille in Lial’s cottage, which was the first Lial Montessori School in 1972. And then she was cook, which she also enjoyed and would readily share her tips and recipes with others. When she ministered as Director of Housekeeping, she was meticulous in cleaning, in ordering, and in working with lay employees who loved her. As a seamstress she was a perfectionist and produced masterpieces. In later years she liked working with quilted materials and made such things as table placemats, wall hangings, bags, purses, and baby blankets. Her work was marked by attention to details and gentle kindness toward others.

Her missionary heart encouraged her to frequently pray for our Sisters in Papua New Guinea and write them letters. Photos found in her room of the underprivileged and disadvantaged reminded her to pray for those experiencing poverty each day. Sister’s tender love was appreciated by all.

May Sister Mary Rebeca be embraced by her loving and gentle God.