Chapter Proposals and Orientation to the Election Process

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Tuesday morning, October 11, provided time for the Chapter members to finish considering several more proposals that will later be brought to the chapter floor for a vote.  The Vision and Writing Committee will continue to work on the final draft of the Chapter Document which will be brought back to the plenary session for final consideration.

The focus of the Chapter is now shifting to orientation for the process of leadership election.  Sr. Katherine and Sr. Mariana, our Chapter facilitators, provided information on the process of communal discernment and guided the Chapter members through the steps to be followed in the discernment and election process.  Time was provided today for the current general government to share future needs and perspectives on Congregational leadership.  Small groups worked together to surface desired leadership qualities in light of the vision and themes that are surfacing as the direction for the next 6 years.

After intense days of work, many Chapter members enjoy gathering in the small café some evenings after supper to play cards, visit, or celebrate birthdays.  Some also have taken advantage of the ping-pong and pool table available in the house!