Congregational and L & P Financial Reports

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During the morning session on October 4, Sister Marina, Treasurer General for the Congregation, gave the Congregational Financial Report.  Information on the Congregational Fund and Generalate Fund was shared with the Chapter members.  Sister’s presentation included pictures of projects throughout the Congregation that were funded by grants from the Congregational Fund.

Mr. Shane Cowley, managing director of the L&P firm, presented the L&P Congregational finance report.  Mr. Cowley’s report included a broad financial overview as well as specific trends in each of the Units.  His report concluded with some observations and recommendations as we move forward.  There was an opportunity for questions and discussion in small groups about the future implications of the reports.

In the afternoon, Srs. Mary Sreeja, Mary Kathleen, and Maria Nonata hosted a panel discussion about their specific reports – Missions, Formation, and JPIC respectively. Chapter participants had previously read each report and the panel provided time for the Chapter members to share observations and recommendations and to ask questions.