Theme Presentations and Thanks to our Secretaries!

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Monday morning provided additional time for the Chapter members to work in their Chapter theme groups, polishing and refining directives and recommendations for the next six years.  Later in the morning and into the afternoon each group presented their revised work and Chapter members were asked to indicate if they believed the theme was almost complete or needed more work. At the final session of the day, the Proposal Committee presented some of the proposals for consideration by the plenary session.

This is a good time to extend special thanks to the Chapter secretaries. Sister Alice Marie from the Chardon province is the secretary for the Chapter, assisted by Sister Mary Teopista from Nairobi.  The sisters are recording the proceedings of each day and file them every evening in Google Drive where the Chapter members can read them in the comfort of their own room. This paperless process is appreciated by all.

One or two nights each week after supper, there is an opportunity for one hour of silent adoration before the Blessed Sacrament.  This provides quiet and the stillness necessary to continue to discern how God is calling us into the future.