Unit Reports and Sharing

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Today the Chapter began discussion about each of the Unit reports.  Each Chapter member was given access to all the Unit reports ahead of time and asked to carefully read and review each report and come to the table discussions prepared with observations and questions.  Table groups reviewed their observations and questions, and key points were shared with the plenary group.  The sister delegates from each Unit gathered in a panel at the front of the Chapter room to offer clarifications and answer questions during their allotted time. Morning discussions included the reports from Bangalore, Patna, Nairobi, and Canaos.

The afternoon session began with the Passo Fundo panel and continued with Jakarta, Incheon, Chardon, and Coesfeld.  Chapter members noted some common hopes and dreams surfacing across the Units as well as common areas for growth and development.

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evening after supper the sisters in the international Emmaus House community hosted a social gathering for the Chapter members.  Since there are 65 Chapter members and the Emmaus House could not accommodate all on one evening, the Chapter members were divided into smaller groups to enjoy the gathering.  The African sisters prepared and served special refreshments they had brought from Africa and provided music and dancing!