UNANIMA International

Acting for Women and Children, Migrants and Refugees, and Mother Earth


Pictured above are the sisters present at the March 2016 board meeting in New York representing the 21 Congregations who form the UNANIMA International Board

In her October 20, 2015 letter, Sister Mary Kristin first announced that our Congregation joined UNANIMA International. UNANIMA collaborates with its members at the local, regional, and national levels to bring their voices to the United Nations. Founded in 2002, UNANIMA International brings the feminine spirit to the United Nations. The name merges three concepts:

  • Anima – a famine life principle of healing, caring and nurturing;
  • UN – as the work is done at the United Nations
  • We are unanimous, working together with one mind, heart, and spirit.

A monthly newsletter will be posted on our website keeping sisters informed of recent activities. Additional information about UNANIMA International and the member congregations can be found at www.unanima-international.org,

UNANIMA International (UI) works with the United Nations on issues relating to UI’s special focus areas: women and children (especially those living in poverty, or who have been trafficked); immigrants and refugees, and the environment (especially water and climate change). UI is governed by a board consisting of one representative from each of the member congregations. For the time being, Sister Mary Shauna is our Board representative. The Coalition Coordinator and her assistant connect with the board, the leadership of the member congregations and with regional coordinators who form other relational networks.  They carry forward the UI vision through internet, phone and personal visits.  The work of UI is supported entirely by the contributions of the member congregations, and includes lobbying, membership education, education projects and activities, membership networking and networking with other NGOs and organizations, and outreach.