Associate Covenant in the Chardon Province

20131012_Chardon_Associates_w630Six new candidates for Associate Relationship joined the ranks of the already one hundred associates in the Chardon province on August 18, 2013.  Father Thomas Weber was celebrant of the Mass and the Deacon was Thomas Senn. The associates have come from various parts of the world and from various states in our country but through the years have come in contact with the Sisters of Notre Dame. During the Mass the associates renewed their promise to share in “the charism, spirituality, and ministry of the Sisters of Notre Dame.”

Rinaldi_Diane_w300All other associates present for the ceremony were then invited to stand and pray their renewal of covenant. In response Sister Margaret Mary Gorman prayed:  Sisters, together we send forth our associates to live out their covenants faithfully,” And the sisters present responded, “We send them to share our charism in their lives and ministries.”

The new candidates for Associate Relationship this year were Doris Bernardo, Jenny D’Amico, Deborah K. Meeks, Theresa Ann Mullins, Mary Beth Petro, and Diane M. Rinaldi.

After Mass the sisters and associates gathered in the auditorium for a delicious dinner provided by Aladdin Food Management. During the short program that followed, Bernie Dondero was honored for the three years she had served as a co-director of the associates and Suzanne Gabric was installed as the new co-director. Suzanne then called forward the associates who were celebrating their 10-year anniversary. Photos were taken of the 10-year associates and of the new associates.