Canonization anniversary of St Julie Billiart

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Memories of the 1969 canonization of St Julie Billiart were alive at Casa Madre throughout the day on 22 June 22 2019. During the festive liturgy, “Julie’s Psalm” was the communion reflection, sung by the English language students. Evening prayer blended Julie’s spirit with the eucharistic solemnity of Corpus Christi.

Throughout the day, our meals highlighted our international community with French-style Italian pastry at breakfast, bulgogie (beef and vegetables) with seaweed-wrapped rice made by the Korean sisters for dinner, and pizza, salad and ice cream at supper.

Photographs of the 1969 liturgy at St Peter’s Basilica graced a bulletin board, and several 1969 issues of The Chimes allowed everyone to re-live the days of celebration, in Rome and around the world, that the sisters enjoyed fifty years ago. As we watched the 12-minute film of the ceremony in the evening, many of us recognized sisters from our home provinces in the throng in St. Peter’s. In the “Rapture in Action” statue, we are reminded of our own participation in Julie’s call and mission, in our congregations marked by the sign of the Cross.