Celebrating 80 years of SND in Indonesia

20131121_Indonesia_50-years-Celebration 20131121_Indonesia_50-years-Celebration_02[divider /]In order to celebrate 80 of the Sisters of Notre Dame on mission in Indonesia, the Our Lady Of Good Counsel Province, Pekalongan, Indonesia, is offering a year of thanksgiving from November 21, 2013 until November 21, 2014. The theme of the year is “Called to serve anew.”

The opening celebration began with a holy Mass in each local community. The Provincial House and and St. Joseph Communities were joint together for this celebration on November 20, 2013, at 4.30 pm, in the Provincial House. Father Tarsisius Siswanto from Sacred Heart Congregation was the celebrant of the Eucharist. We continued with a visit to our deceased missionaries in the cemetery in the back of the provincial house, followed by dinner with our employees from the following institutions in Pekalongan: St. Joseph Kindergarden, St. Pius Elementary School, St. Pius Junior High School, Budi Rahayu Hospital, as well as the maintenance staff of the Province and Santa Maria Institution.

To enhance the theme of this jubilee year which is in unison with our chapter recommendation 2010, the province is organizing various activities:

  1. Opening celebration of the year of thanksgiving (November 2013)
  2. Workshop on the integrity of creation (Nov 2013)
  3. Describing the profile of community and ministry (Nov 21, 2013 until Oct 1, 2014)
  4. Journalistic training ( July 2014)
  5. Publishing articles in different magazines ( Nov 21, 2103 until Nov 21, 2014)
  6. Mission Involvement (Nov 21, 2013 until Nov 21 2014)
  7. Closing Celebration (Nov21, 2014)

The aim of this event entitled „Called to serve anew“ is to transform the consumerist culture of our society, to restore creation with a concern for Ecology, to increase reconciliation by creating a new awareness that breeds new life for people and the Church.