Celebrating the 85th Birthday of the Parish, Pekalongan, Indonesia


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On November 1, 2015, St. Peter Parish, Pekalongan, celebrated its 85th birthday. There were various competitions throughout the year.

In August, there was a competition of threading a needle for the elderly (60 yrs and older). Sr. Maria Valeria participated in this activity, while Sr. Vianey and Sr. Esther took part in dakon game. The sisters also participated in the activity of a healthy walk which involved about 1250 people.

On August 30, 2015, the Parish held a free medical treatment in cooperation with Budi Rahayu Hospital. 7 doctors, 2 SND Sisters and some nurses were available to serve about 450 patients who came to get treatment.

In September, there was an activity called a spiritual walk. It was to deepen our faith and Bible knowledge. It was done in groups. Questions were given at each stop. We SNDs sent 2 groups. This activity was attended by about 400 people.

The top event was the Mass of Thanksgiving on November 1, 2015, attended by all the SND Sisters.