Climate Crisis Campaign, Incheon Regina Pacis Province

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The 2016 General Chapter recommended that we examine our lifestyle and ministries from the JPIC perspective.  This was suggested in section: “JPIC Orientation for our life and mission.” In response, the Incheon Province has practiced this through our monthly faith sharing, by examining our life and ministries and by studying the encyclical “Laudato Si” as well as using JPIC-related data.

The Life-Peace Committee of the Korean Major Superior of Women Religious suggested that religious actively take measures against the climate crisis of our time. As a way of participating in it, we have been demonstrating every Friday. Each community has developed its own way of demonstrating in various ways.

We made the severity of climate change known to the public by displaying our handmade picket signs in crowded places, singing a song which was a parody of a children’s song and having a prayer service.