Congregational Pilgrims from India and Indonesia Share Experiences

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On September 18, 2018, six pilgrim sisters from the Patna province, India, and three sisters from the Jakarta province, Indonesia, were warmly welcomed by the Motherhouse community. The Indian pilgrims: Sisters Mary Taruna, Prasanna, Mamta, Prabha Toppo, Kalpana, and Prasan arrived in Rome after completing the German segment of their pilgrimage; whereas the Indonesian sisters began their pilgrimage in Rome. Sister Mary Supriya from the Motherhouse joined the three Indonesian sisters, Maria Marieta, Yusta, and Marlina to visit the congregational sites in Germany.

The sister pilgrims shared their responses: “Oh! How good is our dear good God!” This saying of Saint Julie has become a living reality as we made our congregational pilgrimage to Rome, the Eternal City, and to the origins of our congregation. Our journeying around the Holy City has renewed and deepened our faith. Walking the paths of the saints, apostles, and martyrs has challenged and inspired us to be more zealous missionaries.

Visiting the origins of our congregation, the affiliations, and witnessing the holy life of our sisters in Germany, the Netherlands, and in Namur, Belgium, was a profound experience of our internationality and a strong motivation for our spiritual renewal. With deep respect and love we remember our saintly sisters who have lived their life spreading the goodness of God and who have imparted to us the sanctity of a true sister of Notre Dame. This pilgrimage has indeed broadened our perspective towards our call as consecrated religious in the mother church and in our international congregation.

We, the pilgrims, are moved by our experiences and express our gratitude to God, Sr. Mary Kristin, Sister Mary Sreeja, and the General Council for this wonderful opportunity given to us. We are grateful to our provincials and every sister who accompanied us on our pilgrimage. What a privilege it is to belong to Notre Dame and to the universal church!