Congregational Pilgrims from India, Rome, Italy

Congregational Pilgrims from India, Rome, Italy                          PDF Download

The latest group of pilgrim sisters comes from India. Five sisters from the Assumption province, Patna: Sisters Mary Alka, Anupama, Rochna, Jancy, Swati; and Sisters Mary Pushpa Simon, and Navya from the Visitation Province, Bangalore, have joined our motherhouse community in order to experience the history and the beauty of Rome and Assisi.

Having already finished their pilgrimage in Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium, that are part of our congregational heritage, they arrived in Rome on Tuesday, September 19, refreshed and ready to see the sights in the Eternal City. Each day of their two weeks’ itinerary in Rome gives them opportunities to see and experience the heart of the church as well as the internationality of our congregation in our motherhouse community, which consists of eight nationalities. The pilgrim sisters are having a wonderful experience as their guide, Sister Mary Supriya, and the sisters from the motherhouse community take turns accompanying them to various basilicas, shrines, and historical places in Rome and Assisi.

Pictured from the right to left are:
Sisters Mary Pushpa Simon, Anupama, Swati, Jancy, Navya, Rochna, Alka, and Supriya