COVID-19 and Notre Dame Communities in Uganda

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Due to the outbreak of the corona virus, there is a lockdown in many countries, borders are closed, and there is very little transportation.  Schools and colleges have been closed, and most of the sister students are taking their classes online.  Many sisters have extra time for prayer, especially prayers for God’s mercy and healing for the people affected by COVID-19 and prayers for all the medical personnel and scientists.

Some communities have been very active in community projects such as one here in Mpala, Uganda.  We have a daily communion service and an hour adoration before the Blessed Sacrament.  Also in Mpala, our community had a project to support some families who were affected by the lockdown and the floods.  A friend contributed towards helping eighty-two families with grocery items like rice, maize flour, beans, etc. Certainly, we wish we could do more for helping the starving families.

All the community members helped pack and distribute the food packages.  Some sisters also went to the families to deliver the gifts, especially to the aged and infirm.  Children came from a distance to secure the donation for their families.  We continue with renewed prayers for all in our global family.

Sister Mary Mukti, SND