Dedication of the Shrine in Honor of Mary, Canoas, Brazil

Province of Our Lady Aparecida, Canoas

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In this year 2017, the Brazilian church is commemorating the National Marian Year to celebrate the 300 years since the founding of the miraculous statue of Our Lady Aparecida. During this special time, all the faithful are invited to reverence the blessed Mother and pray for blessings and protection.

Since 1717, when the statue was found in the Paraíba do Sul River in São Paulo, the history of the image has been intertwined with the history of Brazil, with its traditions, culture, beliefs, and customs. Brazilians are celebrating the 300 years of blessings and protection of the Mother of Jesus to her people.

The Canoas Province, which takes the name of the Brazilian Patroness, decided to create a special memorial in honor of Mary in each of the religious communities. Likewise, the Provincial Center wanted to offer the Sisters, employees and visitors an honorable space for the Patroness and a proper environment for prayer.

The dedication of the shrine in honor of Mary at the Provincial Center was held during a Province Day on July 1, 2017. At that time, a large number of Sisters from various communities were present.

Just as someone with confidence would go to visit their mother, so the employees, sisters and teachers can go to the shrine in honor of Mary for personal and profound prayer.