Farewell party of the Liebfrauenschule for the Sisters of Mülhausen

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On 26th August 2022, the last 9 sisters from Kloster Mülhausen were given a special invitation by the Liebfrauenschule Mülhausen to a big farewell party.

The day began with an outside prayer service with the whole school community, over 1000 students participated. The sisters of the convent were asked to introduce themselves and talk about their lives. Sr. M. Bernarde was able to share that after serving as principal of the school, she spent almost 20 years on the mission in Uganda. The living testimony of our sisters impressed the students.

A former student works as a journalist on the radio, in two articles he paid tribute to the commitment of the sisters in his former school. Together with a former colleague, he moderated the day in an entertaining way.

In the afternoon, neighbors, former students, and teachers were invited to the school. Many sisters from Haus Salus and other communities came. Sr. M. Corda Jansen Rademaker, who is 92 years old, was able to talk about her time as a student during World War II and about the reopening of the school a few months after the end of the war.

In a 1.5-hour program, two former teachers vividly conveyed the importance of Mülhausen in our Congregational history. The school is very conscious of its identity and its roots. The school community is grateful for the foundation that the Sisters have laid over 134 years. A day before this event, the students explored the Christian roots of their school in 20 workshops.

This summer, 6 new classes started in Grade 5. May they experience God’s goodness during their school career.

Report and photos: Sr. Josefa Maria Bergmann