General Government In-Service, Rome, Italy

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On January 9th the members of the new General Government, Sister Mary Kristin, Sister Mary Sreeja, Sister Mary Ann, Sister Mary Kathleen, Sister Maria Nonata and Sister Marie So-Wha began two weeks of in-service to prepare for congregational service on the international level.  Topics of the in-service include:

Canon Law and Religious Life
Constitutions and Directory Articles Related to Governance
Internal Governance Structures Manual
Role of the Assistants General
Formation Manuals and Programs
Financial Responsibilities of the General Government
Church Documents Related to Religious Life and Ministry
Mission Policy Manual
Generalate Language Program
Refugee Outreach and JPIC Initiatives
Sisters without Borders Program
Reflection on the Vision Statement and General Chapter 2016 Document
Development of the Congregational Action Plan 2017-2022

When the General Government completes the in-service and has developed the Congregational Plan 2017-2022 they will focus on the next Congregational Retreat which will be available for use in the units in 2018.

Members serving in general government for a first term will begin Italian classes in March.  This will enable them to participate more fully in the many opportunities available in Rome.