General Visitation in the Holy Cross Province, Passo Fundo, RS, Brazil


Sr. M. Kristin and Sr. M. Alcídia in a country place. Sr. M.Lourdes Urban, Sr.M.Kristin and Sr.M. Alcídia

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From August 11th to September 16th, 2014, our Province is receiving the visitation of Sister Mary Kristin, our superior general, and Sister Maria Alcídia who is a member of the general government. The two sisters arrived on August 8th. On Sunday, August 10th, the sisters of the provincial house welcomed our visitors in special place in the countryside.

20140810_Passo-Fundo_Visitation-in-Passo-Fundo 02 20140810_Passo-Fundo_Visitation-in-Passo-Fundo 03 20140810_Passo-Fundo_Visitation-in-Passo-Fundo 04

It was a night of full moon. Sr. M. Alcídia and Sr. M. Kristin with the full moon. It was a wonderful  sky:  clear and bright. A beautiful view!What a pity you weren’t here!