Giving thanks for 85 years of the School, Passo Fundo, Brazil


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2015 was the year of commemorating the 85 years of the school Colégio Notre Dame Aparecida in Carazinho, RS. Celebrated officially on March 10, the Sunflower Jubilee sparked several activities and celebrations during the month of October.

The celebrations started on Saturday, October 3, when a Mass was celebrated in gratitude of the 85 years of education work. This was prepared by a group of young people and took place at the Church Nosso Senhor Bom Jesus, where students and their families were present as well as teachers, co-workers, and Sisters. Sister Maria Iris Marcolin, the School Principal, at the beginning of the Mass recalled the educational journey of the school which followed the principles of Saint Julie Billiart – goodness and firmness. During the liturgy, those who had a part in the history of the school were remembered in readings, prayers, comments and presentations.