In Service Program Jakarta, Indonesia

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Sr. Mary Kristin and Sr. Mary Sreeja had a very enriching in service program for the Provincial leadership in Jakarta from March 18th -28th.  Every participant experienced the overwhelming presence of our good and provident God who makes all things new every moment of our life.   They expressed their experience in the following words.

“The work of the Holy Trinity was evident.  I am energized and feel confident to carry out my responsibility as provincial councilor.” Sr.Maria Bertin.

“The sessions enabled me to do my inner work more seriously. I trust that with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we will be able to make a difference in the life and mission of our province.”  Sr.Maria  Marsela.

“I feel  the courage within me  to use my talents and potential for the good and development of the province. ” Sr.Katarina Maria.

“When we can work together as team players the team is solid to move forward joyfully serving the province.”  Sr.Maria Erika.

“By the grace of God and with the support of each member of the team, we will move forward with creative fidelity.” Sr.Maria Monika.

“The in service  helped me with  more integrated knowledge to do my tasks. I believe the   province would be different and forward looking in the coming years.”  Sister Maria Marsiana.

“I am full of hope that together we will let life flourish in our life and ministries. We can be part of the whole congregation to be the agent of transformation where ever we are sent”.  Sister Maria  Reneta.

Many thanks to Sister Mary Kristin and Sister Mary Sreeja for their time and love to accompany us during the in-service. All of us accompany both of you as you continue your journey in bringing  the Congregation to flourish.