JPIC Workshop in Nairobi

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From February 4-6 and February 11-13, 2019, a JPIC workshop was conducted for all the women’s groups at Notre Dame Zinduka Women’s Center in Nairobi. About one hundred women attended the two-part experience.

The presenters concluded the workshop by recognizing the elderly people with various gifts. Mr. Emmanuel Manyatta, the chief guest for the day, had been urged by the sisters and the women to invite all the old people of the village. Moved by compassionate love, he also gave his contribution for the old people of about $5000.

From February 11-13 the JPIC seminar was conducted for the Aloysia Children’s guardians/parents, the tailoring girls, the staff, and the candidates. At least thirty members attended this seminar.

In the following days, a one-day seminar was conducted for the village nursery parents where more than thirty parents participated and about eighty elderly people were cared for through various edible gifts. They were very grateful for the gifts and the recognition.

Last of all for this month, Sister Mary Kellen conducted the JPIC workshop for the young sisters preparing for their perpetual vows in Nairobi. It was very enriching to listening to their shared experiences of JPIC in their ministries. During the workshop they became aware of the Earth as our common home and how we are related with the rest of creation.

In each instance, the workshop was an experience of giving and receiving. We hope the coming days of workshop may be even more touching and inspiring. All in all, those who participated understood the concept of having the Earth as our common home and how lack of justice and peace has led to the disintegration of creation. Thus, workshop members came up with action plans on how to bring this integrity back by bridging the way to justice and peace for the whole creation.