Jubilee Celebration, Tegelen


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This year, we had six sisters in our delegation celebrating their jubilee:
Sr M. Geertruid: 70
Sr M. Willihelma, Sr. M. Fredrika and Sr. M. Everharde: 65
Sr. M. Hubertien and Sr. M. Clarena: 60

On April 24, 2014, we started the day with a festive Mass by Dean Spee. As usual he had prepared very well. We could make out from the way he addressed the jubilarians. He knew exactly what to say about the Sisters hard work during their long religious life and what influence she had on others.

With our small group we sang like nightingales, to show how we value them! It all helped the festive atmosphere even more. It was the highlight of the day!

After this inspiring mass, we gathered in the recreation hall to continue the celebration.

Sr. M. Dominique, our Delegation Superior, congratulated the jubilarians and thanked them for all their efforts. It is really something to give all you have during 70, 65 and 60 years for the Congregation and in doing so contribute to the kingdom of God. Then all the sisters had a chance to felicitate their jubilee.

During lunch and the afternoon coffee we sang songs about and for the jubilarians. Especially during the afternoon the atmosphere was very nice because one sister shared anecdotes about each of the celebrating sisters. Lots of laughter and fun! It was nice to end a festive day that way. Everyone goes to their rooms with a happy, warm feeling.

What you do not know yet, especially if you are a young sister, is that the next day should be a day of rest! The age of the sisters plays a big role… But we loved to celebrate and we will do it again next year!