July 4th with Sister Mary Ann Gemingnani in Patna, India

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From tinsel to sparklers, we all have our way of celebrating national festivals according to our own cultural traditions. Our celebration of July 4th with Sister Mary Ann Gemingnani was a spontaneous expression of our love and gratitude for our origins, for our pioneer sisters from the US, and for the legacy they have handed on to us.

Yes, we, the provincial house community in Patna, gathered around Sister Mary Ann to celebrate the 232nd Independence Day of the United States.  The tape played “The Star Spangled Banner” as Sister Mary Ann held high the mini American flag.  Powerful was the light of unity that illumined our minds and hearts at that moment!  Our eyes were focused on Sister Mary Ann while stored memories of our pioneers flashed through our minds. It was a moment of praise and thanksgiving for our missionary sisters, for their courage, commitment, and zeal to dig deep and lay the foundations for Notre Dame in our great country.

Then we enjoyed a festive supper with some of Sister Mary Ann’s favorite dishes: cheese sandwiches, chicken sandwiches, potato-salad, and ice-cream sodas. We closed the mini celebration with a whispered prayer, “God bless America.”

Sister M. Josephine, SND