Mission in Jecua, Mozambique


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At the request of the Bishop in the year 2000, the Sisters of Notre Dame accepted the invitation: “Go and evangelize” and we went to Jecua in the Chimoio Diocese in Mozambique, Africa, following a time of revolution in the country. The main activity was to take care of a house able to receive 85 girls as boarders, especially girls who come from places where education is not accessible. The girls were attending High School. The sisters worked in preventive health care and various pastoral ministries in the parish church.

Now we are five sisters and, since 2012, we assumed the responsibility for the Community High School of Jecua, together with a team: 1 priest, sisters, a lay pedagogical staff member and also teachers employed by the State. Since then we minister in the field of education, following the example of St. Julie, who said: “Of the divine works education is the most divine”. We have 500 students and 23 teachers. Three sisters are part of the staff – one as diretor, one as secretary and one as treasurer. Besides this, we work in two partish churches in leadership formation, liturgy, catechesis, with young people and missionary teenagers and children.

We are giving our best in this mission because our Diocese is counting on us and has asked for our colaboration. We know that in the begining of our Congregation our Coesfeld foundresses began their ministry teaching poor girls. In this school, we have the support of the parents and of the projects developed by collaborators. In this school we also teach many poor children and orphans who are seeking spiritual and academic growth.

Under Mary’s protection, we wish to continue as Sisters of Notre Dame…missioned to incarnate the love of our good and provident God –helping to build up his kingdom, following Christ and sharing his mission.

Sisters from Jecua – Mozambique/Africa