ND History Hall of Regina Pacis, Incheon, South Korea

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Incheon Regina Pacis Province renovated the History Hall in preparation of 50 years of Notre Dame presence in Korea. In order to share the history and spirit of our Congregation with many people and preserve more effectively this short but precious history of Korean Notre Dame, we executed this refurbishment with the assistance of experts.

We reorganised this room, centering on items used by sisters around the beginning time of the Notre Dame community in Korea, founding sisters’ belongings and photos, letters and congregational history books, which all show the flow of Notre Dame in Korea at one glimpse. After the preparation through 2015, this space was reborn with a new name, “ND History Hall” reflecting the Sisters’ opinion.

The display begins with exhibitions of the Congregation, Sisters of Notre Dame, such as the foundress, the process of the foundation, its spirit, mission and symbols; then Notre Dame in Korea, its initial ministries, the relocation of the Provincial House, the marked growth before and after the 25th year and current ministries. A distribution map of our presence across the world and the beginning date of each country are also shown. For other items and photos that are not displayed, visitors can access them through four monitors in the ND Hall.

‘ND History Hall’ has proved to be an excellent way for visitors and women who are interested in religious life to know about the Sisters of Notre Dame. When visiting the Provincial House, they easily see the panel of our logo and statement, “Sisters of Notre Dame… missioned to incarnate the love of our good and provident God.” This visual also reminds us Korean Sisters anew of our mission.

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