ND Spritual Renewal Program, Passo Fundo, Brazil


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Gratitude, Joy and again gratitude… These were the feelings as we completed our journey through the SND Spiritual Renewal Program. During these days, the Lord looked on all of us with goodness and we were surrounded by His grace. Through this experience, we were touched again by the good and provident GOD!

There were so many signs of His grace acting in us! The community life in our group strenghtened the bonds among the sisters and made us to reflect on and feel the beauty of the call to be a sister to other sisters. To share our dreams, hopes and fragility; God’s Word and our mission, allow us to be on fire anew and find new answers to follow Jesus and His mission.

As the disciples of Emaus, as they remembered the Scriptures (Lc 24:13-22), we also felt our hearts burning when we remembered the legacy of our Spiritual Mother, Julie Billiart, our historic foundresses, Sr. Aloysia and Sr. Ignatia, and our first Sisters in Coesfeld. To guide us on the way were our dear sisters Amélia Maria Weschenfelder, Maria Lourdes Urban and Maria Lori Seger. Their orientation was the result of their studies, and above all their prayer under the guidance of the Holy Spirit lead to fruitful reflexion and prayer in common and individually.

As we remember the benefits and gestures of love and care we received during this period of the ND Spiritual Renewal Program, we express our joy and gratitude to the General Government for the opportunity of this meeting tracing the roots of the Congregation. It impelled us to deepen our faith commitment as Sisters of Notre Dame. We came out of this experience quite sure to be consecrated women sent to incarnate the LOVE of our good and provident God at this moment in history.

Together we praise the Lord of Life, who has called us. He has shown us his faithfulness (1 Ts 5:24), in the marvelous things He has done for us (Lc 1:49) during these days. We want to go on united in one heart, one hope and one mission!

With affecionate gratitude,

the fourth group of ND Spiritual Renewal Program

in the Holy Cross Province, Passo Fundo, RS – Brazil.