Patna Province Celebrates General Visitation, 2018

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Sr.M.Kristin, the superior general, and Sr.M.Sreeja, assistant general, were joyously welcomed to Patna on November 17, 2018. They were spending a month in the province, meeting the sisters and conducting interactive sessions in groups as part of the general visitation. Each sister of the province signed up to attend a group session in one of the following centers: Patna, Jamalpur Gumla, Delhi, Hojai, or Kokrajhar.

The general visitation began the very next day after Sr.M.Kristin’s and Sr.M.Sreeja’s arrival. The first week the visitors met with the provincial council, the ministry co-ordinators, the formators, and the local superiors. Then began the larger interactive group sessions scheduled in the various locations. Sr.M.Kristin and Sr.M.Sreeja had much travelling to do to reach the distant centers.

The theme of Sr.M.Kristin’s visitation conference was “Relationality.” “Notre Dame spirituality, to incarnate the love of our good and provident God,” Sr.M.Kristin said, “is a Resurrection spirituality, which is incarnational and, by that fact, relational. Our charism, a deep experience of God’s goodness and provident care, enables us to see potential and new life everywhere.” Sr.M.Kristin stressed the point that, with the divine energy flowing from the Word of God, we are able to give effective expression to the values of Jesus in our interactions with our brothers and sisters.

Sr.M.Kristin and Sr.M.Sreeja shared news and lived realities in different parts of our Notre Dame congregation through images and graphic presentations. Relational spirituality, unity in diversity, and solidarity with the needy were the often repeated words. The general visitation experience reverberated with the call of Pope Francis to religious, “Awake, Renew, Transform!”