Presentations by Sister Teresita Weind and Sister Patricia Murray

Sr.-Teresita-(3)_w300Sister Teresita Weind, SNDdeN, Congregational Leader of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, spent November 16 with the Formation Conference participants.  The topic for the day was Prayer as Active Apostolic Religious.  Sr. Teresita “broke open” the meaning of “Rapture in Action” – a term coined by Sr. Mary Linscott in her book The Fourth Essential.  We looked at Community as mission and mission and ministry all through the lens of “Rapture in Action.” The following are some of the sister’s responses to Teresita’s presentation:

“Sister Teresita’s words touched my heart and helped me experience God’s goodness in a special way.  Sister shared how God’s unconditional love comes to us through love of the other and the balance between prayer and action is the way to respond to this love.  As Sisters of Notre Dame our lives should be overflowing in the goodness of God.”

“Sister was engaging, inspiring, and enlightening.”

Sr.-Pat-(1)_w300On November 17, Sister Patricia Murray, Director of the UISG South Sudan Project, addressed the formators on Multi-Cultural Community.  Sister shared the meaning of culture as the “air” we breathe, outlining areas helpful in identifying characteristics of cultures.  Participants shared the following reaction to Sister’s presentation:

“I appreciated the fact that Sr. Pat is talking from her own experience.  It was consoling for me to learn that it is an on-going process to learn another culture, a process never complete.”

“The presentation is a good blend of theory and professional research with her own lived experience as a seasoned religious.”

“I am grateful that she is not giving us only something she read.  Her experiences have touched me.”

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