Provincial Assembly 2023, Incheon, Regina Pacis Province

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On Feb. 25 and 27, 2023, Regina Pacis Province held an assembly in the auditorium of Notre Dame Rehabilitation Center, located opposite the provincial house and in Joseph Hall of the provincial house. This gathering was the first in person gathering in three years due to social distancing measures during the pandemic. Sisters happily greeted one another, enjoying being together in the Notre Dame family spirit.

Sang-Bong Hahn Isidore, a theological activist was specially invited to give us a lecture on Characteristics of Mystical Love under the theme of ‘living a culture of encounter and care’. For many years he has worked to encourage the Church to become a voice for the voiceless in society.  His words greatly inspired sisters to live mission more ardently.

We read through several provincial plans in the light of the 2022 General Chapter and shared in groups. The day was also an opportunity to share our vision of how to live Notre Dame mission here and now.

All the inspirations we received during the assembly will certainly be of great assistance to us to cultivate the culture of encounter and care in our daily lives as well as in our ministries.