Retreat: St. Julie and the Good God, Passo Fundo, Brazil


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In November 15, a retreat on the Good God and Saint Julie took a place in St. Joseph Parish Church in Constantina-Bazil. It was the 15th retreat with the subject: Going to the Good God with Mary and Saint Julie.

Little by little, besides people from Constantina groups of Saint Julie from other cities were arriving. All these groups were accompanied by a Sister of Notre Dame. More than 500 participants occupied all the seats in the church.

We began the activities with words of welcome by the parish priest, Father José Vogel, and the vicar, Father João Mânfio, two Provincial Councilors, Sister Maria Pin and Sister Maria Elcí Favaretto. Their words emphasized the importance of the day: To offer an opportunity of meeting the good God. As everyone was singing beautiful songs on Saint Julie, banners and flags were brought in with paintings of Our Lady, Saint Julie Billiart, and Jesus.  The images were welcomed by clapping, shaking small white handkerchiefs, symbolizing the peace that the retreat would bring to all.

After solemnly introducing God’s Word and asking for the light of the Holy Spirit, we began to present the subject with the question: Who is this good God? And we gave the answer, stressing the main points of Jesus’ life: He has passed through this world DOING GOOD THINGS.

There was also A MARY MOMENT and adoration of the BLESSED SACRAMENT. A special and solemn Celebration of Holy Mass concluded the Retreat.

We ended the day with the conviction: HOW GOOD IS THE GOOD GOD! 

                                    Sr. Amélia Maria Weschenfelder