Sister Maria Electis Celebrates 107 Years of Life

Electis1aSister Maria Electis was part of the group of German missionaries who came to Brazil. She celebrated her 107th birthday on March 23rd. For 49 years she worked in a Psychiatric Clinic in the South of Brazil where she dedicated her strength to the women´s floor endearing herself to the sick, the doctors and the staff. She had a special manner in dealing with more difficult patients.

She also cared for the Chapel and liked to cultivate flowers, especially roses. When she decorated the chapel, she always reserved some flowers for her co-sisters. She dedicated the first hours of the morning to the care of the flowers of her garden so that she would not be late for work. During her retirement, Sister Maria Electis helped to peel vegetables and fruit in the kitchen of Recanto Aparecida until she was 104 years old. She knitted and helped out wherever it was needed.

Her love for nature brings her peace, harmony and happiness, and she is a very social and positive person always interested in new things. Her appearance is important to her. She likes simple clothes and always wants to be well dressed. In her more active years she liked to wear heels and well-polished shoes. Relationships are important to her, and the relationship with her has been very enriching for her friends. Her good humor and contagious smile make people want to stay near her, and in return she is so grateful for all that people do for her.

Sister’s longevity confirms the quality of her life and the depth of her relationship with people. Until now, even in a wheelchair, she participates in activities and in community with the sisters. Although she is becoming more forgetful, she still reflects the happiness of being a consecrated person filled with the joy of life.

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