SND Tegelen – activity in one afternoon with the sisters

Tegelen_01The summer holidays are over! So on Thursday September 25th we started our monthly activities again. Twelve sisters and two volunteers gathered between 2.30 and 4.30 pm. A cup of coffee and of course some very nice biscuits were a good way to start and everybody began to warm up and chat cozily.

Then came the work: brain exercise. On a flip chart there was a big table with all the letters of the alphabet. For every letter, the sisters needed to come up with three names of flowers. Like T = Tulip. Some letters were a little easier than others, but we helped one other and so it worked very well.

In the meantime, Kate walked in with her camera. She took a few pictures. As you can see, we had a pleasant time together.

At 3.30 we had a short break with a glass of lemonade and some chocolates. All the treats disappeared!

Then we worked on proverbs. In every proverb a few words were left out and we were asked to fill in the blanks. Most of the proverbs were well known and some of them even stimulated the whole group to start singing spontaneously.

It was a very nice afternoon. Everyone had much fun and left the room with a heart full of joy.

You might know some of the people in these photos!

Tegelen_03 Tegelen_02