Solidarity Must be Part of our Lives. Holy Cross Province, Brazil

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When we face demanding and imperative situations which call for solidarity, we realize the urgency to engage in programs aiming to overcome all forms of selfishness, destruction and aggression against human beings and nature. It is important that we participate in bold projects that awaken universal solidarity in times when the dependence on social media and technology seem to bring self-satisfaction and complacency. Daily, we see environmental calamities and, often, the absence of such qualities as fraternity and justice towards others, which highlight the inequality in the world.

Brazil has been ravaged by countless human and environmental disasters. Recently, an environmental tragedy in Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro, resulted in more than 200 deaths, a great number of people missing and many families without a home.

In situations like this, the Church as well as men and women religious, live out their prophetic witness in different ways: serving the victims of the disaster, opening our churches as shelters for the needy, using social media to appeal to the generosity of the people to welcome the homeless in their own homes and, especially, being a presence and offering spiritual support to bereaved families.

As Sisters of Notre Dame, in the spirit of JPIC, we feel responsible for safe guarding all forms of life. We stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters who are suffering.