Spirituality Renewal Program in Regina Pacis Province, South Korea


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All the members of Regina Pacis Province in Korea have been attending the Spirituality Renewal Program by eight groups at the convent of Olivetan Benedictine in Goseong from 2015 to 2016.

In preparation for 50th anniversary of Notre Dame’s presence in Korea, sisters have the precious four weeks to reflect deeper on our spirituality in nature, leaving our ministries behind for a while.

Looking back at the 50-year history of Regina Pacis Province, we, who are called to incarnate the love of our good and provident God, are sharing our God experiences from personal and community life and going back to the heritage of Notre Dame.

We are grateful to the communities and coworkers who support us, so that we may be able to immerse ourselves into this spiritual journey. We also thank God and the Congregation for this opportunity to renew our identity as sisters of Notre Dame, active apostolic religious women, as well as to rediscover unique values of one another.

A Notre Dame spirit, the joyful simplicity gives a refreshing energy to the quiet Olivetan Benedictine family, too. In gratitude with the brothers who have taken care of all to make us comfortable, we invited some of them to the Provincial House. We had a wonderful time taking them on a tour to the history center and the rehabilitation center and having them join in our prayer time, Mass and a meal together.