Our Lady of Aparecida Province Celebrates 50 Years!

The main goals of the visit were to strengthen the congregational identity and congregational
charism, to encourage spiritual growth, and to express the realities of the communities in the
province. To this end the visitation schedule arranged the following meetings with different
groups of Sisters and various areas of ministry:

  •  Provincial Government
  •  Social Pastoral Team
  •  Finance Team
  •  Formation Team
  •  Team coordinators of the Associate and Parent/Teacher Groups
  •  Team of the Local Superior
  •  Team of the Directors of the Schools
  •  Team of the Sisters who serve the elderly and sick Sisters at Recanto

Five regional meetings gave all the Sisters of the province the opportunity to meet with the
general government and to share with the visitors their life, mission, and dreams for the
future. There was also a meeting with the two provincial administrations: Sister Maria Lori
Steffen from Passo Fundo in the north and Sister Renete Maria Cocco from Canoas in the
south along with the Brazilian Formators of both provinces. This meeting was organized to
discuss common themes and preview future possibilities. Another event of importance was
the inter-provincial workshop scheduled by the General Government. Sisters from both
provinces met at Sítio Notre Dame where they participated in the workshop which
concentrated on leadership formation.

While Sister Mary Kristin and Sister Maria Alcídia visited the State of Tocantins in central
Brazil, Sister Mary Sreeja, congregational coordinator of the missions, had the joy of visiting
the newest Ad Gentes mission of the Congregation in Salaverry, Peru. This mission, begun in
2011, is sponsored by the Province of Our Lady of Aparecida.

It is impossible not to mention the great joy that the General Government brought to the
communities and apostolates visited. There were significant moments for the renewal of the
sense of belonging and building ties with the Congregation. In the visits to various
communities, those whom we serve in our apostolates expressed happiness and gratitude to
be able to participate in the charism, spirit, and apostolate of the Sisters of Notre Dame.
Everything had been prepared with care and everyone was involved in the welcome of our so
desired visitors. These were days of great joy filled with moments of unforgettable
experiences strengthening a bond that transcends borders.