Sr.M.Irmgarde celebrates 100 years of life, Germany


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One hundred years, that is a birthday which we cannot celebrate every day, not even in the infirmary in Kloster Annenthal. However, on Saturday, May 23, 2015, we gathered to congratulate Sister Maria Irmgarde Hueske on this rare anniversary.

Born in World War I, the now one hundred year old sister entered our congregation in Mülhausen during the turmoils of World War II and made her first profession in 1944. So she celebrated her jubilee of grace (70 years) last year.

The stages of her eventful life are Ahlen, Mülhausen, Rheinbach, Porta Westfalica, Vechta, Münster (where she worked for 30 years in the administration of a German charitable organization), and finally she ministered for 15 years in Ahlen.

Her official retirement began when she moved to Kloster Annenthal in Coesfeld at the age of 81 – as a kind of praying Moses, who intercedes with God on behalf of all the concerns of the Church and of the world. In our congratulatory message it says: “With great faithfulness you have always devoted yourself to God and to people. You have always been cheerful, open and friendly, you have always been there for us, we wish you to go on like this for many years to come”. Sr. M. Irmgarde was able to celebrate her special day in good physical health and mental clarity.

Her younger sister, a sister of Divine Providence, came in the morning to partake in the joyful celebration.

In keeping with tradition, the centenarian was offered a little apple tree whose official name “Cox Orange Renette“ was simply changed to “Sister-Maria-Irmgarde-tree.”

The time of our cheerful celebration was limited because the mayor and the deputy district administrator had announced their visit.

Report: Sr. M. Magdalene Roeseling