Symbolic handover of the archive in Mülhausen

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After 16 years of intensive work especially during weekends by Dr. Schaffer, a scientific archivist and historian, and the active support of Sr. M. Adelgondis Tebroke, the complete archives in Kloster Mülhausen could symbolically be handed over to the provincial government. The finding aid book, a table of contents, has more than 400 pages. The acid-free archive cartons, in which the original documents are stored, fill a large shelf and three cabinets. Finally, 1800 photos, which were labeled and thus made accessible, were also added to the archive.

On the occasion of the completion and ceremonial handover, Sr. M. Magdalena Dautzenberg had prepared a festive lunch for the community and the invited guests, which was held in the refectory. From the provincial government had come Sr. Josefa Maria Bergmann and Sr. Andrea Maria Schäfers from Coesfeld, Sr. Birgitt Maria Adelfang as former provincial superior of Mülhausen as well as Sr. M. Manuela Conrad from Düsseldorf. Unfortunately, Sr. M. Mechtilde Kotterik, who had worked intensively for the archive at the beginning of the project, could not come over from the neighboring “Haus Salus“ because of the Corona virus.

In his farewell words, Dr. Schaffer expressed great gratitude for the time spent together with the sisters in Mülhausen. He had started his work in the small hall in Alt-Salus. We are glad that Dr. Schaffer will continue his archive work for our congregation in Coesfeld.

In spring 2022, the archive of Mülhausen will find its way as a donation into the diocesan archive of Münster. There it will be available for use by anyone interested in our history in the future.

Report: Sr. Josefa Maria Bergmann