The Postulants in Patna Speak about Their Entrance Day

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July 6, 2020, was an unforgettable day for us, the eleven new postulants in Patna, India. We thank the good God who is so very good in giving us the desire to work according to his plan. By God’s grace we are able to take this important step in our life.  It was a day of great joy for all eleven of us.

In preparation for our entrance, we had a day of recollection guided by Sister Mary Sujita on the theme “God’s love letters.”  We reflected upon our relationship with God, who called each one of us by name from all corners of our country.  He called us in different ways but all for the same purpose.

Our entrance into the postulancy was during a very inspiring prayer service led by Sisters Mary Reshma and Sushila, at 6:30 p.m.  We went in procession into the provincial house chapel holding symbols: “caring hands.“  We placed our symbols on the beautifully decorated stand in front of the altar. The most important part of the prayer service was when the eleven of us said our special prayer; and Sister Mary Tessy, our provincial, gave us the postulant’s medal.  Sister Mary Shobana and Sister Anima shared their reflections, and Sister Mary Tripti, our local superior, presented each of us with a lighted candle.   We experienced the presence of Jesus in our life in a new way.

After the prayer service we had another procession into the provincial house refectory with dancing and singing. The greeting and well-wishing in the refectory were not kissing and hugging but only folded hands while keeping the COVID-19 social distance. We are grateful to Sister Mary Tessy and all the sisters for their prayerful support that gave us courage to move forward in our formation to be good Sisters of Notre Dame.