Training for Nature Cures… Chetna Women’s Center, Patna, India


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Chetna Women’s Center pledges to unleash the potential of women to ensure that they live a healthy and prosperous life. To achieve this, we conducted 13 days of residential training for 4 groups of 15 women each from Jamalpur and Gahiri. The training included sessions which introduced them to the healing ministry of Jesus and to get in touch with their own inner resources as healers. They were motivated to reach out to the neighbourhood where healing was called for.

Having motivated them, they were given education on common sicknesses, signs and symptoms, causes, preventive measures, and possible treatment with herbal medicines. They were enthused to impart health education to women and adolescent girls in their villages. Training was enriched with field visits to identify locally available herbal plants. Medicinal plants were distributed to promote medicinal gardens.They learnt to make medicinal oils to treat skin diseases and ointments to treat haemorrhoid, joint pains, skin infections, wounds and burns. They were given demonstration classes to make immune boosters to prevent vitamin deficiency and gooseberry tonic to treat anaemia. They learnt to make cough Elixir, tooth powder, beauty oil and mosquito repellent oils besides numerous herbal ‘tea’of their choice out of flowers and lemon grass.

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