Vespers in Memory of our Foundress in Kloster Marienhain

125th death anniversary of Sr. M. Aloysia

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On Tuesday, May 6, the sisters in Kloster Marienhain prayed special vespers to commemorate the death anniversary of Sr. M. Aloysia. Several symbols in the sanctuary led us into this prayer service.

As a fork cross, the Coesfeld Cross symbolizes the tree of life.

In front of this cross, Sr. M. Aloysia and Sr. M. Ignatia became rooted in God and in Jesus Christ. Rooted in God, ready to respond to signs from outside,
and joined in friendship, they prepared the soil for our congregation.

The roots of our congregation are deeper than what became visible by the foundation of the congregation in Coesfeld. The roots are in God.

In a modified psalm we remembered how God has accompanied us since the beginnings of our congregation.

On the occasion of this day, quotations by Sr. M. Aloysia about the hour of our death and about eternal life were shown in a meditative powerpoint presentation.

Finally we asked God for a powerful blossoming of the young branches of our congregation all over the world, for new members, and for the maturing of all those sisters who have already reached the autumn of their lives.

This prayer service was a good way to remember our roots and our foundress!
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Report: Sr. Ethel Maria Kollenberg