Welcome to the Portals of St. Peter’s Pontifical Institute

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We Sisters of Notre Dame reached the portals of St. Peter’s Seminary on July 28, 2021. As we arrived in the evening, the campus welcomed us: Srs. Mary Priti, Crecencia, Monika Soren, Magdeleena, and Monica Rose from Patna, and Sr. Mary Divya Ranjani from Bangalore.

We started the quarantine and the online classes simultaneously. We reside at St. Teresa Niwas (hostel) along with seventeen other sisters from seven different congregations who are pursuing their ecclesiastical studies at St. Peter’s. We began our offline classes on August 5 with a grand opening Mass, and we were assured of spiritual and academical assistance from the priests there. Our classes started in full swing with many presentations, a bible quiz, assignments, block courses, and exams.

We are blessed with many experienced, proficient, and resourceful professors. As we expect to complete our three years of theology in six months, we are involved in all three areas of theology and participate in class presentations, dramas, and video presentations. Apart from our studies, we also had two seminars on biblical aspects of St. Joseph in the Old and New Testaments and Fr. Penven’s lectures on “Fall in Social Values and its Consequences” by Justice Santosh Egdhe.

We gain much from all these seminars and our regular classes, which are helping us to know and love our Lord in a deeper way. We also had a beautiful opportunity to visit the Bible Museum and are always welcomed in the vast knowledge repository, the seminary library.

All our spiritual needs are met in the community, interacting with the sisters and attending Holy Mass, lauds, vespers, rosary, recollections, and confession.  We were blessed to be part of St. Peters’ community celebrations like Onam and Monte Fest.  Our activities in the community include gardening, kitchen duties, housework in various departments, games, and recreation. To keep up the Notre Dame spirit and the strength of the group, we come together once a week to share about God and our faith experiences of the week.

We gratefully express our sincere thanks to Sisters Mary Tessy, Chetana, Udaya, Sujita, Tripti, Prasanna, and all our dear sisters for this opportunity. Please continue to pray for us.