JPIC in the North of Brazil

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The SNDs of Palmas, Santa Rosa, Porto Nacional, and Paraíso of Tocantins held their first meeting addressing the topic of JPIC: Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation. Participants learned and shared about the proposals, concepts, and Notre Dame action regarding JPIC. It was a great opportunity to understand the SND contribution toward care of our “common home.”

Another important theme discussed was the efforts to prevent human trafficking, making use of the materials provided by the A Cry for Life network. Getting to know the reality in which the sisters minister, identifying social, political, economic, religious, and cultural situations, helps to align our ministries with the sustainability of our Planet.

We realize that the challenges are many, since the degradation of the planet, corruption, and objectification of the human being have grown alarmingly in all areas.  Therefore, it is necessary to implement a new way of thinking and acting from the perspective of our ND charism, leading to transformation and maturity in our relationship with creation.