A Dream Come True

Our new Aloysia Home is a blessing from our good and provident God.

Our new Aloysia Home is a blessing from our good and provident God.

How happy they were to sleep in a nice, warm and welcoming dorm.

How happy they were to sleep in a nice, warm and welcoming dorm.

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January 18, 2014 was a beautiful day for the blessing of our Aloysia Home and our Notre Dame School.  Originally conceived, it would be a home for orphaned children whose parents died from HIV/AIDS and a home for girls living in difficult home situations.  The plans for this home have been a long time in planning, beginning during the time when Sister Mary Sujita was Superior General and could become a reality through the generous gift of donors.  Since then, others have seen the gift and value of such a Home and have made donations to build cottages. We surely want to thank our donors and welcome and encourage others to continue to support us in our ongoing efforts in meeting the expenses of our new Home for these children.  Our present Superior General, Sister Mary Kristin, shared in her March 21, 2014 letter regarding the projects of securing a convent, building a school and now the Aloysia Home knowing that we will need to continue to expand.

Sister Mary Mukti has done much research into the setup and proper management of such a Home and will be following all the guidelines for this in our country of Tanzania.  She has been untiring in her efforts to see that all is in place for the opening and has been supported by many in our Delegation and the Sisters already living there at our convent.

Our Aloysia Home will consist of two cottages.  Our children will be able to attend our nursery/primary school that was begun in July of 2012 giving them an opportunity to be educated on site.   A dorm mother will eventually be living, one in each cottage, to help with the children along with other caretakers. Presently, we welcomed our first 13 children as you can see from the picture.  They have already put on their school uniforms and presented themselves beautifully at the official blessing with a song of tribute to Sister Maria Aloysia, our beloved Foundress.

God has been so good to us in making this dream a reality and we can only pray that this continuation of our dear Foundress’ dream, continue to grow and flourish as we too, trust in our good and loving God, for  “The dear good God has always taken care and will certainly continue to do so.”


We welcomed our first 13 children to our Aloysia Home


It didn’t take them long to put on their new school uniform.