A Heart Full of Love and More! Nairobi, Kenya

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The most powerful asset of a person is not a head, full of knowledge, but a heart, full of love, an ear open to listen and a hand willing to help.” 

This is a summary from the tertians, Sisters Mary Phyllis, Susan and Therese Marie who gave their time and energy at St. Catherine School for the less fortunate children in one of the slums of Nairobi County.

Sister Mary Sujita’s classes on Justice, Peace, Integrity of Creation and world realities, sent the tertians from the Holy Spirit General Delegation in Nairobi, Kenya into the Mukuru Slum. Their experiences moved them to live their vow of Poverty more consciously in the choices they are making.

The experience put Sisters Mary Margaret and Teresa in touch with street children at a rehabilitation programme for boys on drugs and maladaptive behaviours preparing them to continue education from where they stopped.

Sisters Mary Kellen and Winfred worked with children with learning disabilities, those physically and mentally challenged and school dropouts.

Visiting the children’s homes in the slum was a challenging experience as the faces of the suffering humanity became more real. Outside of the slum, the language of the heart and the language of love put Sister Mary Lavenesse in touch with the Montessori children at our Notre Dame School in Syokimau, Kenya. Children of all ages and backgrounds can be helped to rediscover their dignity as children of God, if only someone will reach out.

We did and we are grateful!”

From the Tertians in Nairobi, Kenya.