NDA second best school in Uganda


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Good news from the Sisters of Notre Dame mission in Uganda, East Africa.

The Daily Monitor in Uganda reports that Notre Dame Senior Secondary Academy (NDA) in Buseesa is the second best school in the entire country. This ranking was determined after the Uganda Ministry of Education sought to determine which schools provide the most holistic development of their students. The ministry worked with Ark, a UK consultancy firm, to analyze criteria beyond national exam results, the typical measurement of success.

Sister Anita Marie Stacy, head teacher of NDA in Buseesa, explained that the idea behind the research was that the typical “best” schools enroll students that come from a background that is conducive to academic success. The students arrive better prepared and with more financial and academic resources than their counterparts at lesser-known, countryside schools.

Schools received a higher ranking in the research if they admitted students with average academic ability and fewer resources, but taught the students to perform well academically and taught life skills that are not measured in exams.

This humbling acknowledgment in the newspaper is a testament to the importance of “fostering the fullness of life!”