Notre Dame School Celebrates the International Labor Day in Mozambique


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This year, May 1st, International Labor Day, was eagerly awaited by all those involved in the Notre Dame Mwana Une Rukariro School, Chimoio, Mozambique. Many weeks before, the staff had expressed a desire to celebrate the day in a meaningful way since Labor Day is a celebration of daily life and gratitude to God for the opportunity to take part in building a more equitable and fraternal world as well as a chance to provide so many children with a better future through education. Therefore, staff and employees had organized themselves into teams in order to take care of all the preparatory details: purchasing t-shirts and capulanas, choosing a motto for the day, determining the contribution for lunch, buying and preparing food, among other things.

Early in the morning of May 1st, one group of employees gathered at the school to prepare the snacks while the others went to the city to participate in the traditional parade. Notre Dame was well represented by a large number of staff members as well as the school bus drivers. The parade itself was a time of great celebration.

Returning to the school, the participants met the other members of the staff who had remained at the school to prepare for the after-parade party. The festivities continued with dances, snacks and the cutting of a cake. The celebration was a wonderful occasion for everyone: teachers, employees, sisters, students and collaborators. Everyone was very involved and contributed to the joyful and gratitude-filled atmosphere.