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New Novices and Postulants
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After a wonderful and grace-filled retreat by Fr. Mallya, SJ, our seven new novices made their final preparations for their entrance into the novitiate.  Sister Mary Annete had been preparing them during this past year.  The theme of the day and for the time of their intensive preparation came from the Book of Kings where Solomon is asking the Lord for an “understanding heart.”  We pray that as these young sisters continue their journey in the novitiate, they may truly experience, embrace and live what they are asking for.

We welcomed our Zinduka community for the celebration and had a wonderful prayer service, common supper and enjoyable time together.  Our postulants and novices presented an wonderful programme and at the end our new novices expressed their thanks for all that has been part of their time as postulants and for their preparation for the novitiate.

We followed with our congregational adoration time and offered prayers of thanks and praise to our good God for the “7 gifts of the Holy Spirit” that was intimated in one of the programmes.  How fitting that this also can be part of their preparation for their Canonical Year.  They were entrusted to Sister Mary Roshini who will be their new formator.

How blessed we are to also welcome our fifteen new postulants:  five are from Kenya, two fromTanzania, and eight from Uganda.  All those preparing for postulancy usually arrive in January with their formators.  This gives the formators of Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda a chance to have their annual meeting.  This year we invited Sister Mary Irene fromMozambique as their candidates will join us in January/February of 2013.  Our planning sessions were very life-giving, the presentation by Fr. Tembo, SDB was enriching and so much happened in a short amount of time as we shared who we are as formators in Notre Dame.  We are grateful for the opportunity to gather, to welcome our new formees and know that we will continue to keep in contact as the year progresses.

How good is the good God!